InVitroCare believes that the InVitroCare® IVF Media Series, composed of HTF HEPES, HTF, IVC-TWO™ and IVC-THREE™, provides an optimum and appropriate metabolic environment for the formation and development of preimplantation embryos at each stage of their development.

  • • Low Glucose and Phosphate Free
  • • Uses a Sodium Bicarbonate buffering system which is appropriate for those procedures requiring a carbon dioxide atmosphere during incubation
  • • Formulated with EDTA and a stabilized form of glutamine
  • • Contains the antibiotic Gentamicin
  • • Requires protein supplementation
  • • For use after pre-equalibriate at 37ºC in 5-6% CO2
  • • Provided in 20ml glass bottles
  • • One-Cell Mouse Embryo tested (>80% 1-cell to expanded blastocyst within 96 hrs)
Store at 2-8ºC
120 Day shelf life