F&D Advanced Biotech

We are a distributor of laboratory products from Germany. We specialise in IVF and in Real-time PCR(qPCR) products.

Our team is ready to provide you with an excellent service and high-quality products at competitive prices.

F&D Advanced Biotech is the distribution partner and supplier of several worldwide marketed products in the Middle East, North Africa, and India markets. Our company provides a complete line of culture media, sperm preparation media, media supplements and ICSI products for Assisted Reproductive Technology, and it also specializes in the field of molecular DNA and RNA analysis with competency in development and application of the Real-time PCR methods.

F&D Advanced Biotech is a full-service distributor company

At F&D Advanced Biotech, we are flexible enough to meet your laboratory needs. We offer a high-quality service and an after sales package/service that includes:

Support to assist with your own projects

Technical and scientific support

Assistance to build labs

F&D Advanced Biotech

We are a distributor of IVF and qPCR products from international reputable biotech manufacturers. 
F&D Advanced Biotech is a rapidly expanding company with enough capacity to cover our operations.
F&D Advanced Biotech has customers and partners from the US, Germany and from other EU countries, although our focus is the Middle East, North Africa, and India where we are looking to grow.

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