Vitrification Straw

Vitrification Straw  is used for storage of frozen embryos and oocytes during the vitrification process.

Production Details

  • • With special raw material used in its production, it has very high strength and endurance in liquid-nitrogen tank.
  • • Thanks to its specially designed volume, it takes up minimal space and allows the maximum number of straws to be stored in the    tank.
  • • Aimed at easier loading of samples with a Wide Film Layer.
  • • Facilitates sample control during freezing and thawing  with a specially adjusted hardness – softness balance.
  • • Each box has 10 packages of Vitrification Straw.
  • • Our products have been tried and tested hundreds of times by end users during optimization process.
  • • Orientation Marks:  The special black orientation marks to the end film part and in the middle of the handle help the embryologist easily identify the side where the specimen should be loaded.
  • • Wide Strip Surface:  Wider strip surface is designed for easy operation after loading.
  • • Identification Zone: Designed for the embryologist to easily make necessary identifications.
  • • Loading Tip Zone: Finely designed to ensure the embryologist does not have any difficulty in loading.

Order Information

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