F&D Advanced Biotech provides a full range of ART products, including a complete line of embryo culture media for use in IVF applications, a comprehensive array of andrology products for sperm preparation and freezing, and a series of pre-measured, ready to use sperm isolation products for Doctor’s office IUI procedures. 

Our IVC Media series is designed to support embryo growth at each stage of development providing maximum flexibility in managing the assisted reproductive process. Our company has experience in providing consistently high quality ART products to a global customer base. All of our IVF products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities in full compliance with all cGMP and ISO 9002 standards. 

F&D Advanced Biotech also provides a broad scope of molecular biological detection methods with a core competency is real-time PCR (qPCR) procedures. Our products also address most of the clinical and food diagnostic issues. We also provide laboratory systems, devices and solutions for IVF labs and for medical testing laboratories. 

F&D Advanced Biotech

is committed to providing customers with products and services meeting all specifications and fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations. Our priority and emphasis are placed on the integrity of our products, their safe manufacture and distribution, and compliance with all relevant regulations

F&D Advanced Biotech is a full-service distributor company

F&D Advanced Biotech products are manufactured in facilities which operate local quality management systems that comply with internal policies as well as with national and international standards. The fundamental elements of these systems include: 

Comprehensive validations processes

Immediately available technical support for customers

Complete documentation and traceability for all manufactured lots

Responsive Customer Service